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KitAbode UpStart


Build each layer flat then erect and nail. Available in Seattle City only…free shipping of the connecting parts [as shown lower left of image to the left and as shown within the boxes on the image above…] We provide instructions and an exact shopping list for the required lumber [shown outside the boxes above] and for the door, windows and roofing — all comes to you from your local lumber yard or home despot… ask us about complete DIY kits or even a fully assembled shed…  some reading here

questions? info@plydea.com


Product Description

Clear a spot for this –

a cabin 9’x13’x10’h inside floor 8’x8′

•from Plydea.com – a pallet of plywood parts

•from your local lumberyard – plywood, lumber roofing – all used uncut!

windows and doors according to our detailed shopping list

•time: about a day unfinished