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Plydea Story

Style is time’s fool. Form is time’s student. -Stewart Brand

Plydea is a company that conceives, designs and produces objects serving useful functions out of zero VOC, prefinished, sustainable yield plywood. Plydea products (plydeas) are a convergence of Plydea’s core values of function, form,sustainability and affordability.



Our design is driven by our adherence to the philosophy that function is form. Our views on sustainability work in tandem with affordability and all of these are synthesized in the Plydea brand. Here’s what we think about each of those constituent strands:


Function – we won’t make something unless it serves a true need.


Form – Our stuff looks like what it does.


Sustainability – we are passionate about making as little impact upon the environment as possible. We aim to use 100% FSC-certified sustainable-yield Baltic Birch ply in our pieces. We currently are achieving 100%.


Affordability – Because our products ship flat and because we use face-prefinished solid birch ply with polymer edge-finish, we can offer great products.




Plydea is based in Seattle, Washington. Our design and manufacturing is done out of our SODO factory. All pieces are produced on a CNC router. All coffee is produced on an AeroPress®.